On Sunday we are leaving Perth. Although we never quite connected with the city in the three and a half months we lived here we had a good time here and we are definitely going to miss all our great friends we met here.

Now it is time for packing, cleaning and organizing to get ready for the move. A carpet cleaner is coming by on Saturday since that is part of the rental contract. But we are determined to hang out at least one more time with Whitney and Aaron over the next couple of days, we cannot clean and pack non-stop, a beer break will be most welcome. Then on Sunday, our flight is going directly to Sydney and we will have two days there to explore the city. Then we are off with our rental campervan to drive up the East Coast. We cannot wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

Starting tomorrow our internet access will be very irregular. Australia does not have many public WiFi options and since we are mostly going to be in campgrounds, on the road and in the middle of many nowheres I might not be able to post updates until we get to San Francisco. But we shall see.

Until then: Take care and enjoy life, friends!

Before taking off, here are a few more pictures – some of good and some of funnrry friends… ๐Ÿ™‚

A visit at our friend Sue and her beautiful dog Sumi – always fun and full of laughter!

With our friend Jennie in Margaret River in her store (wish we had take more pictures!)
Meeting up with Pen and Frank in the wine country – our lovely British landlady & partner

And off to the furry ones…
Louis – Jennie’s dog, defender of property and general cutie.

Our favorite smiling Kangaroo!

The grinning goat!! Lol.

Ollie, the goat, so gentle and sweet and VERY curious

Bob the Alpaca – definitely in the top 3 for best haircut in Australia!

And here’s us enjoying another happy hour by the beach. Cheers, mate!


About J

I've always wanted to, I never thought I would, and now I'm actually off traveling the world, living in different place and enjoying one adventure at a time...
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One Response to Goodbyes

  1. B says:

    What a lovely, fun & enriching adventure you’ve had!! =c) Now off to start the next chapter… Safe travels!

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