Birthday Boy

Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Jon’s birthday. Two days, two time zones, two times the fun. πŸ™‚ On Monday I met Jon for lunch downtown and took him out to the Ferry Landing towards South Perth for a river front lunch.

The weather was very hot and we sat outside trying to cool off in the shade with a bunch of ices sodas (just too warm for a celebratory beer). Amazingly, they had one of Jon’s favorite foods on the menu: Chicken Schnitzel with fries, salad and a mushroom sauce. Needless to say we went for that, yum! And as a special birthday surprise we had a couple of dolphins show up in the Swan River, swimming by just next to the restaurant. How perfect!

At night we had planned to take it easy and simply go to our favorite Italian restaurant here in Subiaco. It is called “Funtastico” and I have to say we almost did not discover it because the name is not only cheesy but also the design of the sign in front looked like a bad diner instead of a nice Italian place. Luckily, we had heard about their pizzas by chance and tried it out one night with our friends. Anyways, we went there, and Jon chose scallops as a starter and the delicious Pizza Perugina. It is baked as a Margarita and then topped off freshly with raw prosciutto, fresh arugula and shaved Parmesan. Yum again!

On Tuesday night I had a little surprise planned: I invited all our friends here in Perth plus our neighbors and tried to keep it secret which was not always easy with sharing a phone and Jon wanting to meet up with everybody to say goodbye before leaving. But it all worked out! Jon actually got home from work around 5pm and was the first one here. I promptly offered him a beer before he could open the fridge himself and see all the food I had prepared. He got tipped off by seeing a bunch of chips and bread on the counter but still was not sure what exactly was going to happen. One by one, our friends showed up and it turned out to be a great little party. And amazingly, Sue, one of our first friends here, actually had met our neighbor Babe before and they are almost related. What are the chances? They were both delighted to talk about “old times”, exchange news and just be connected again. After our neighbors left Whitney, Aaron, Jon and I decided to go to a pub trivia night at the local Indian (!) restaurant to try our luck. It turned out to be very crowded and we got lucky to get the last table, only due to a no-show reservation. The quiz started and we soon realized that it was going to be a tough one: Most of the questions were related to Australia and I have to say we had no clue in round one. Round two was better and all in all, we did pretty well. It was definitely fun and we were laughing about our tries to take on Australian Trivia. πŸ™‚

All in all, a fun party, and Jon was happy to celebrate with our friends here in Perth.


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I've always wanted to, I never thought I would, and now I'm actually off traveling the world, living in different place and enjoying one adventure at a time...
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One Response to Birthday Boy

  1. Beau Lebens says:

    Sounds like a great time! Happy Birthday Jon, wish I could have been there as well πŸ™‚

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