Truffle Oil

The great Dutch family who lived in our rental in Perth before us and sold us their car left us a bunch of kitchen things when they took off. The best of all: A bottle of Truffle Oil.

We were surprised to find the little – and still closed – bottle on the shelf since we knew Truffle Oil is a delicacy. We were wondering how to use it in our daily cooking since neither Jon nor I are accustomed of using truffle but we found the best use ever. At least, that is what we think. 🙂

I remembered being at a San Francisco restaurant once that offered ‘French Fries with Truffle Oil and Parmesan Shavings’ or something like that. I did not recall the exact ingredients but I distinctly remember that it was delicious. Since both Jon and I are fries addicts in general we tried it pretty much the next day; threw the fries in the oven, baked them and then mixed a few drops of truffle oil in. Amazing! I highly recommend you try it too. And now we just don’t know how to survive three weeks in our camper van on the East Coast without fries or truffle oil… 😉


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I've always wanted to, I never thought I would, and now I'm actually off traveling the world, living in different place and enjoying one adventure at a time...
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