Originally, we were planning to drive to Brisbane all the way from Perth – up the West Coast, through the Kimberly, up to Darwin, over to Cairns and down to Brisbane. But since we did not want to average 500 km a day we decided on alternate travel plans.

Instead of driving our car and spending roughly $2500 on gas we booked a flight to Sydney instead. We are flying out of Perth a day before my birthday and will be in the big city to celebrate. *Any recommendations for a low-key dinner, anyone?*

We will stay in Sydney for two nights and then we are heading out in a rented camper-van to travel all the way up the East Coast, past Cairns to Cape Tribulation – a most beautiful spot on this earth where the rain forest and the Great Barrier Reef meet – and back to Cairns where we will fly out of at the end of April. For those of you not on familiar territory in Australia here is a small map.

We are sad to have to sell our car which we had build out ourselves with a sleeping platform for traveling but we got lucky and found a perfect home for it: Friends of a friend just moved to Perth and since they need a car for the next few years and we were looking for a good home for the Pajero it was a great fit. They are great people and we are actually going to drive to their house for dinner in a few minutes. The only sad thing is that we have just met them, I wish they had been here earlier since we get along great. But I guess that is what happens when you are traveling.

Back to the travel plans: We are going to be on the road for a little over three weeks and I am very excited to venture out, get back into a camper-van and just live the vagabond life for a little while. We remember our recent three week New Zealand trip fondly and this will be a very similar way of traveling – and hopefully just as beautiful and fun. We are hoping for heaps of good surf, beautiful nature, amazing scuba, fun sailing (no sharks, floods nor box jellyfish), and just lots of good adventure.

So far, based on past experiences and what we heard from locals, we are definitely planning stops in Sydney, Byron Bay, Noosa, Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Cairns and Cape Tribulation. If anyone has any suggestions, we would be happy to hear it all! 🙂


About J

I've always wanted to, I never thought I would, and now I'm actually off traveling the world, living in different place and enjoying one adventure at a time...
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