Northbound From Sydney

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After spending two days in Sydney we crossed the Harbour Bridge to head North towards Byron Bay. Stopping here and there along the route, our personal favorites were a Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary with all kinds of cute and strange … Continue reading

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Australia Pictures – Sydney

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We arrived in Sydney in the late afternoon of Sunday, April 3rd, spontaneously went out for a fantastic steak dinner at ‘Darling Harbour’ with view of water and boats, and then back to our hotel (Travelodge Sydney). The next day, … Continue reading

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A quick note thanks to free internet at my new favorite American fast food chain. We are off doing this now:
Yippieh! 🙂

Back on Friday, then off driving to Cairns and Cape Tribulation to this place:

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On Sunday we are leaving Perth. Although we never quite connected with the city in the three and a half months we lived here we had a good time here and we are definitely going to miss all our great friends we met here.

Now it is time for packing, cleaning and organizing to get ready for the move. A carpet cleaner is coming by on Saturday since that is part of the rental contract. But we are determined to hang out at least one more time with Whitney and Aaron over the next couple of days, we cannot clean and pack non-stop, a beer break will be most welcome. Then on Sunday, our flight is going directly to Sydney and we will have two days there to explore the city. Then we are off with our rental campervan to drive up the East Coast. We cannot wait! 🙂

Starting tomorrow our internet access will be very irregular. Australia does not have many public WiFi options and since we are mostly going to be in campgrounds, on the road and in the middle of many nowheres I might not be able to post updates until we get to San Francisco. But we shall see.

Until then: Take care and enjoy life, friends!

Before taking off, here are a few more pictures – some of good and some of funnrry friends… 🙂

A visit at our friend Sue and her beautiful dog Sumi – always fun and full of laughter!

With our friend Jennie in Margaret River in her store (wish we had take more pictures!)
Meeting up with Pen and Frank in the wine country – our lovely British landlady & partner

And off to the furry ones…
Louis – Jennie’s dog, defender of property and general cutie.

Our favorite smiling Kangaroo!

The grinning goat!! Lol.

Ollie, the goat, so gentle and sweet and VERY curious

Bob the Alpaca – definitely in the top 3 for best haircut in Australia!

And here’s us enjoying another happy hour by the beach. Cheers, mate!

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Birthday Boy

Monday and Tuesday we celebrated Jon’s birthday. Two days, two time zones, two times the fun. 🙂 On Monday I met Jon for lunch downtown and took him out to the Ferry Landing towards South Perth for a river front lunch.

The weather was very hot and we sat outside trying to cool off in the shade with a bunch of ices sodas (just too warm for a celebratory beer). Amazingly, they had one of Jon’s favorite foods on the menu: Chicken Schnitzel with fries, salad and a mushroom sauce. Needless to say we went for that, yum! And as a special birthday surprise we had a couple of dolphins show up in the Swan River, swimming by just next to the restaurant. How perfect!

At night we had planned to take it easy and simply go to our favorite Italian restaurant here in Subiaco. It is called “Funtastico” and I have to say we almost did not discover it because the name is not only cheesy but also the design of the sign in front looked like a bad diner instead of a nice Italian place. Luckily, we had heard about their pizzas by chance and tried it out one night with our friends. Anyways, we went there, and Jon chose scallops as a starter and the delicious Pizza Perugina. It is baked as a Margarita and then topped off freshly with raw prosciutto, fresh arugula and shaved Parmesan. Yum again!

On Tuesday night I had a little surprise planned: I invited all our friends here in Perth plus our neighbors and tried to keep it secret which was not always easy with sharing a phone and Jon wanting to meet up with everybody to say goodbye before leaving. But it all worked out! Jon actually got home from work around 5pm and was the first one here. I promptly offered him a beer before he could open the fridge himself and see all the food I had prepared. He got tipped off by seeing a bunch of chips and bread on the counter but still was not sure what exactly was going to happen. One by one, our friends showed up and it turned out to be a great little party. And amazingly, Sue, one of our first friends here, actually had met our neighbor Babe before and they are almost related. What are the chances? They were both delighted to talk about “old times”, exchange news and just be connected again. After our neighbors left Whitney, Aaron, Jon and I decided to go to a pub trivia night at the local Indian (!) restaurant to try our luck. It turned out to be very crowded and we got lucky to get the last table, only due to a no-show reservation. The quiz started and we soon realized that it was going to be a tough one: Most of the questions were related to Australia and I have to say we had no clue in round one. Round two was better and all in all, we did pretty well. It was definitely fun and we were laughing about our tries to take on Australian Trivia. 🙂

All in all, a fun party, and Jon was happy to celebrate with our friends here in Perth.

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Truffle Oil

The great Dutch family who lived in our rental in Perth before us and sold us their car left us a bunch of kitchen things when they took off. The best of all: A bottle of Truffle Oil.

We were surprised to find the little – and still closed – bottle on the shelf since we knew Truffle Oil is a delicacy. We were wondering how to use it in our daily cooking since neither Jon nor I are accustomed of using truffle but we found the best use ever. At least, that is what we think. 🙂

I remembered being at a San Francisco restaurant once that offered ‘French Fries with Truffle Oil and Parmesan Shavings’ or something like that. I did not recall the exact ingredients but I distinctly remember that it was delicious. Since both Jon and I are fries addicts in general we tried it pretty much the next day; threw the fries in the oven, baked them and then mixed a few drops of truffle oil in. Amazing! I highly recommend you try it too. And now we just don’t know how to survive three weeks in our camper van on the East Coast without fries or truffle oil… 😉

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Goodbye Pajero, we had a great time and many adventures with you. Take care of the new wonderful owners and safe travels to you guys!

Weekend Trip to Albany and Denmark, South and a little East of Perth.

Day Trip to Lancelin, parking right on the beach, great for lazy surf bums.

Albany again, close to the wind farm and on typical Australian beautiful red earth.

On Lancelin’s sand dunes, great fun with the 4WD. 🙂

Just another beautiful view while driving through Western Australia.

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